Cookie policy

  1. This Privacy Policy defines the rules of storing and accessing information on the User’s devices with the use of Cookies for the purpose of providing electronic services requested by the User by MPL GROUP ANTOSZ SACHER sp. J., st. Handlowa 13, 41-807 Zabrze.I. Definitions

    1. Administrator – means MPL GROUP ANTOSZ SACHER sp. J., ul. Handlowa 13, 41-807 Zabrze, NIP: 675-14-70-258, Regon: 122467210, which provides services electronically and stores and accesses information in User’s devices.

    2. Cookies – means computer data, in particular small text files, recorded and stored on devices through which the User accesses websites of the Service.

    3. Administrator’s Cookies – means Cookies placed by the Administrator, related to the provision of electronic services by the Administrator through the Website.

    4. External Cookies – means Cookies placed by partners of the Administrator, through the website of the Service.

    5. Service – means a website or application under which the Administrator operates an Internet service, operating in the domain

    6. Device – means an electronic device through which the User accesses the Service.

    7. User – shall mean an entity to whom, in accordance with the Regulations and provisions of law, electronic services may be provided or with whom an Agreement for the provision of services by electronic means may be concluded.

    II. Types of Cookies used

    1. Cookies used by the Administrator are safe for the User Device. In particular, this way it is not possible to get into the Device Users viruses or other unwanted software or malware. These files allow you to identify the software used by the User and customize the Service to each individual User. Cookies usually include the name of the domain they come from, the time they are stored on the Device and the value assigned to them.

    2. The Administrator uses two types of cookies:

    a. Session cookies: are stored on the User’s Device and remain there until the end of the session of the given browser. The stored information is then permanently deleted from the Device memory. The mechanism of session cookies does not allow collecting any personal data or any confidential information from the User Device.
    b. Persistent Cookies: are stored on the User Device and remain there until deleted.
    Ending the session of the browser or switching off the Device does not delete them from the User Device. The mechanism of persistent cookies does not allow collecting any personal data or any confidential information from the User Device.

    3. You have the ability to restrict or disable access of cookies to your Device. If you use this option, the use of the Website will be possible, except for functions that by their nature require cookies.

    III. Purposes for which Cookies are used

    1. The Administrator uses Owned cookies for the following purposes:

    a. Service configuration
    I) adapting the content of the Website to User preferences and optimizing the use of the Website.
    II) to recognize the Service User’s device and its location and appropriately display the website, tailored to its individual needs;
    III) remembering the settings selected by the User and personalizing the User’s interface, e.g. with regard to the selected language or the region the User comes from,
    IV) remembering the history of visited pages on the site in order to recommend content, font size, web design, etc.